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Critical Miami

connect iconLet’s face it. No one is in Miami because of its hard-hitting news reputation. Sure, the Herald has pulled in its share of Pulitzers over the years, but overall the paper can be a little frothy compared to the rags in most other major cities. It’s just too difficult to get worked up about anything in this climate. (Unless you’ve just been cut off for the umpteenth time on I-95, or you’re talking about Cuba to a Cuban. But I digress—) So what’s a deep thinker to do? Check out Critical Miami, the excellent blog of photographer and savvy social observer Alesh Houdek. Houdek, a Czech import, manages to pull off a pretty difficult act: he writes both as an insider with his finger on the pulse, and also with the critical eye of a newcomer. (He’s been here since 1980.) His topics range from political and social commentary, to arts stuff, to what he got in the box from his local CSA that day. The blog is liberally sprinkled with examples of his photography vérité, and he never takes himself too seriously, despite the fact that he’s getting some attention these days. His perspective is personal, fresh, sometimes irreverent, but never irrelevant. Reading this blog on a daily basis is the antidote to the sun-blind, rum-soaked, shallow glossiness that pervades much of what passes for media in this town. Amen to that.


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