smiling pets

Smiling Pets

Smiling Pets Mobile Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Avi Adulami
+305 754 0844

By appt: 8:30a to 6p; m-sat

help v2Sometimes bad things happen to good people. And sometimes good people come along to help good people through a crisis. Dr. Avi Adulami and his staff at Smiling Pets are just these kinds of folks. I wish I could say I met them under better circumstances. On Earth Day I had to put my dog to sleep after nearly 15 years. Those of you who have had pets will appreciate how difficult this is. But here’s the thing—my dog was a wild creature through and through, and the last thing I wanted was to have her spend her last moments in a windowless, sterile room at a veterinary clinic. So when it became clear what the outcome was going to be, I started searching for someone who would come help us and I found Dr. Adulami and his wondrous mobile veterinary clinic. Basically, for the cost of a regular visit at one of the middle of the road clinics here in Miami, you can have Dr. A and his state-of-the-art clinic pull up and see to every need of your pet without the stress of crating, and traveling, and waiting around. He can even do laboratory testing and routine surgery. His van is a miracle of engineering—a veritable traveling medicine show—with a place for everything, and everything in its place. He handled my copious tears with extreme professionalism and good grace. He was very kind to me, and to my dog. It was clear to me that he would apply the same sensitivity and caring under better circumstances, which is just what I want from my vet so I will be using him from now on. Given the cost of gas these days, I think this is a win-win all around. Many thanks, Dr. A.

Postscript: To my friend Trina at Miami Dish, and anyone else who has wondered where the hell I’ve been, I wish I could tell you I was on an exotic island or an extended bender, but alas, life has just been very, very over-the-top. The dog death above was just the start. Play Nancy Drew and get a sense of what’s been going on over at my paying gig, pixie stix. Glad to be back.


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