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yarn it! lounge
March 24, 2008

yarn it

ArtCenter/South Florida
800 Lincoln Road Gallery
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Upcoming dates: 1-4pm on 4/5, 5/3 & 5/17
$10 donation
RSVP + 305 674 8278 ext 15

make When one thinks of possible hobbies in sunny South Florida, knitting doesn’t jump to the fore. Macramé, sand art, and clamshell ashtrays all rank higher on the recognition scale than the idea of knitting down here. But hold your horses, jenny. In case you haven’t heard, knitting has been back with a vengeance in most of the rest of the country, with super-hip alterna-knitting circles, books, blogs, and sites like and knitknit leading the way. It’s even being used for guerilla art. Yes, this isn’t your grandma’s knitting, folks. Which is why the Yarn It! Lounge at ArtCenter/South Florida is such a cool idea. (Don’t just take my word for it.) Forward thinking art-minded institution meets fantastic mixing opportunity. Here’s a chance to come together, scope out some like minded-people, screw around with some stringy stuff, and maybe cultivate a new pastime. At only $10.00 per, including coffee, treats, and expert advice, this is one of the best deals in town. Don’t feel like making a sweater? Then how about a monster. Or a super-chic clutch. Or a weasel. And of course, there’s always edible underwear. Sweet!

BTW: If you’ve never checked out ArtCenter/South Florida, you’re way past due. In addition to this great activity, they have a killer schedule of all kinds of educational opportunities. Lectures, drawing, jewelry making, photography and tons more. They’re just the place to cultivate your chops so you actually have something to say on your next crawl around Wynwood besides “Where’s the wine?”.

AMBITION BONUS: Check out this two-part video workshop by MAKE magazine on how to create a pattern in photoshop for a f*&%$#! awesome skeleton cardigan. (It would take many, many Yarn It! Lounges to carry this off, but you can always dream.)


critical miami
December 1, 2007

Critical Miami

connect iconLet’s face it. No one is in Miami because of its hard-hitting news reputation. Sure, the Herald has pulled in its share of Pulitzers over the years, but overall the paper can be a little frothy compared to the rags in most other major cities. It’s just too difficult to get worked up about anything in this climate. (Unless you’ve just been cut off for the umpteenth time on I-95, or you’re talking about Cuba to a Cuban. But I digress—) So what’s a deep thinker to do? Check out Critical Miami, the excellent blog of photographer and savvy social observer Alesh Houdek. Houdek, a Czech import, manages to pull off a pretty difficult act: he writes both as an insider with his finger on the pulse, and also with the critical eye of a newcomer. (He’s been here since 1980.) His topics range from political and social commentary, to arts stuff, to what he got in the box from his local CSA that day. The blog is liberally sprinkled with examples of his photography vérité, and he never takes himself too seriously, despite the fact that he’s getting some attention these days. His perspective is personal, fresh, sometimes irreverent, but never irrelevant. Reading this blog on a daily basis is the antidote to the sun-blind, rum-soaked, shallow glossiness that pervades much of what passes for media in this town. Amen to that.