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the field
June 16, 2008

the field

The Field Irish Pub and Eatery
3281 Griffin Rd.
Dania Beach, FL 33312
+954 964 5979

Open hours: m-th & sun 11a-10p; f & sat 11a-midnight

See iconComing from the land of the Irish mob as I do, I never hold out high hopes when someone tells me about an Irish Pub—especially in Broward, the land of terrible neon-clad Mexican, Outdoor World, and the Fishing Hall of Fame. So imagine my delight last Friday when we pulled up to a twinkly honky-tonk tucked under a massive banyan with a packed parking lot and a hopping vibe. Right away I knew I’d stumbled onto a South Florida rarity—an establishment with real ambience. Full of warm wood, great Irish fare, and some well-pulled pints, The Field transcends the Disney dreck that plagues most ethnic eateries down here. The Guinness and the smoked fish would have sent me away happy, but then [the band] Celtic Bridge started. Whoa, Maggie. These players rival any I’ve heard at Boston’s famous seisiúns. The combo includes frontman Ade Peever, siblings Eamonn and Roisin Dillon, John Schreiber, and a rotating cast of other players. (Just to place the caliber in perspective, Roisin is often out on the road with her other project Cherish the Ladies, one of the US’s most famous women’s Celtic combos. The rest of these guys aren’t slouches either.) The music is a nice blend of traditional Irish and American roots tunes, and the crowd loved it. And, just in case you’re missing your dose of cheeze in all this authentic hoo-ha, on Wednesdays there’s a fantastic Rod Stewart impersonator (The Hot Rod Show) to even the bill. If you’re looking for a comforting meal and a warm fuzzy vibe, head up to Dania and you won’t be disappointed.


rachel goodrich
April 6, 2008

rachel 2

Rachel Goodrich online

eyeImagine a smash-up of Tiny Tim, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chrissie Hynde, and my elementary school librarian, and you would have a not-very-nuanced approximation of local rocker and ukulele goddess Rachel Goodrich. I caught her show last night at the MAP/Poplife party over at the White Room, and holy cow, she rocked. I had been warned, but I was still a little worried when the DJ faded out the music on the room full of sweaty, fabulous, and liquored up party-goers. I mean, she plays kazoo, for god sake. Well, I needn’t have worried, because she came out swinging with a beautiful cherry red Rickenbacker, a kickin’ rhythm section, and lots of self-proclaimed “shake-a-billy”. Apparently, she’s getting some attention these days, and rightly so. It reminded me again that one of the things I love about this city is that it truly appreciates authentic creativity, and Rachel’s got it in spades. Check out her upcoming 4/12 show at PS 14, or catch an earful on My Space. If you’re a live music fan, you won’t be sorry. Go ukulele girl, go.


ps. Props to Yvette Labov for the fantastic photo of Rachel above.

pps. 6-15-08 Our girl’s gettin’ famous!