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the field
June 16, 2008

the field

The Field Irish Pub and Eatery
3281 Griffin Rd.
Dania Beach, FL 33312
+954 964 5979

Open hours: m-th & sun 11a-10p; f & sat 11a-midnight

See iconComing from the land of the Irish mob as I do, I never hold out high hopes when someone tells me about an Irish Pub—especially in Broward, the land of terrible neon-clad Mexican, Outdoor World, and the Fishing Hall of Fame. So imagine my delight last Friday when we pulled up to a twinkly honky-tonk tucked under a massive banyan with a packed parking lot and a hopping vibe. Right away I knew I’d stumbled onto a South Florida rarity—an establishment with real ambience. Full of warm wood, great Irish fare, and some well-pulled pints, The Field transcends the Disney dreck that plagues most ethnic eateries down here. The Guinness and the smoked fish would have sent me away happy, but then [the band] Celtic Bridge started. Whoa, Maggie. These players rival any I’ve heard at Boston’s famous seisiúns. The combo includes frontman Ade Peever, siblings Eamonn and Roisin Dillon, John Schreiber, and a rotating cast of other players. (Just to place the caliber in perspective, Roisin is often out on the road with her other project Cherish the Ladies, one of the US’s most famous women’s Celtic combos. The rest of these guys aren’t slouches either.) The music is a nice blend of traditional Irish and American roots tunes, and the crowd loved it. And, just in case you’re missing your dose of cheeze in all this authentic hoo-ha, on Wednesdays there’s a fantastic Rod Stewart impersonator (The Hot Rod Show) to even the bill. If you’re looking for a comforting meal and a warm fuzzy vibe, head up to Dania and you won’t be disappointed.


rachel goodrich
April 6, 2008

rachel 2

Rachel Goodrich online

eyeImagine a smash-up of Tiny Tim, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chrissie Hynde, and my elementary school librarian, and you would have a not-very-nuanced approximation of local rocker and ukulele goddess Rachel Goodrich. I caught her show last night at the MAP/Poplife party over at the White Room, and holy cow, she rocked. I had been warned, but I was still a little worried when the DJ faded out the music on the room full of sweaty, fabulous, and liquored up party-goers. I mean, she plays kazoo, for god sake. Well, I needn’t have worried, because she came out swinging with a beautiful cherry red Rickenbacker, a kickin’ rhythm section, and lots of self-proclaimed “shake-a-billy”. Apparently, she’s getting some attention these days, and rightly so. It reminded me again that one of the things I love about this city is that it truly appreciates authentic creativity, and Rachel’s got it in spades. Check out her upcoming 4/12 show at PS 14, or catch an earful on My Space. If you’re a live music fan, you won’t be sorry. Go ukulele girl, go.


ps. Props to Yvette Labov for the fantastic photo of Rachel above.

pps. 6-15-08 Our girl’s gettin’ famous!

on the roof of the dorsett
April 5, 2008


The Dorsett Hotel
(part of the Catalina complex)
1720 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach FL 33139
+ 305 674 1160

Open Hours: 4p-midnight daily

eyeSure. There are plenty of swank places on South Beach, but how many of them let you look at the sunset on one side and the ocean on the other, all while lounging like a pasha and drinking like a fish? Just one, my friends, just one. Very few people know that this hidden gem is actually open to the public. All you need to do is walk in the Dorsett lobby and catch the elevator to the top, and you too can be sipping something cool and frothy while getting a great view of the SoBe neon extravaganza. Although there’s no food service per se to cut your buzz, you can order ahead and bring some takeout along. Replete with spa style cushions, cabana goodness, and a charming postage-stamp sized pool, (no diving, please), this is a great place to lie around and cloud watch, or wet your whistle before heading out to dance or grab a dinner. Although the drinks are definitely SoBe expensive, the celestial décor makes it worth the splurge.

jungle island
March 26, 2008

jungle island

1111 Parrot Jungle Trail
Miami, Florida 33132

+305 400 7000

Open Hours: 10a-6p; 365 days a year


I am a big fan of old Florida, which is why I cried the day I heard Parrot Jungle, a Miami bastion of old Florida was closing its original park in favor of swankier Miami digs. You can’t blame me for mentally hammering the last nail in the coffin when I heard the admission to the new 18 acre park was $27.95 adult/$22.95 for kids 3+, with an additional $7.00 to park. Foggeddaboutit. So imagine my surprise recently when I dropped by the park and took them up on their offer to get an annual pass for the price of a single admission. What was a bad deal for a single visit turns out to be a very good deal when you’ve got a toddler (free admission), and you want something fun to do throughout the year. Even without the promotion, an annual adult pass is only $38.95. The best part is, if you scrape away the shiny veneer, the old Florida peeks through. They still have the fantastic macaws out for hand feeding, they still have a bird show, and they have a killer playground area and petting zoo. I DO think their admission is too high for single visits especially when compared with the MetroZoo (300+ acres; $14 a/$10 c), or Disney (gazillion acres; $71 a/$60 c). AND, I can’t quite forgive them for turning their back on the old Parrot Jungle. But, like the park’s famous Liger, this new hybrid has some interesting, if slightly schizophrenic charms.

tate’s comics/bear and bird gallery
March 13, 2008


4566 North University Drive
Lauderhill, Florida 33351
+ 954 748 0181

Open hours: 11a-8p m-thu; 11a-9p f-sat; 12n-6p sun

seeFor all of the bitching about the cultural vacuum in South Florida—Cubans, Haitians, Wynwood, and all of South America excepted, of course—I’m constantly stumbling on some of the best things I’ve ever seen. Take Tate’s Comics, for instance. In a totally undistinguished strip mall in the sprawling area west of Ft. Lauderdale, Tate Ottati, his wife Amanda, his dad Tony, and a phalanx of staffers run one of the coolest comic and underground culture stores I have ever set foot in. 6,000 square feet of cool, not including the nearby Gamer’s Satellite. To make the story even better Tate opened the store at the ripe old age of 17 with money he got from playing the stock market in his high school economics class. (The stock he was playing? Marvel, of course.) This place is packed with the coolest stuff from Japanese Anime, to vintage comics, DVD’s, art supplies, clothes, toys, posters, and geekery galore. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is only for the dark and greasy types. The place is full of affordable pop-culture surprises, and much of the stuff they carry would be equally at home in BASEMiami’s trendy temple to early adopters–at three times the price. They have the absolute best selection of handmade graphic ‘zines I have seen anywhere including NYC, and a very robust book selection. Upstairs in the loft, Tate’s wife Amanda curates Bear & Bird Gallery, a super-hip exhibit space and gift shop. Threadless T-shirts, toys, indie housewares, original artwork, jewelry, cute bags—object d’ amour all. And, that doesn’t even cover the amazing exhibitions they do. The current show by Devo frontman Mark Mothersbaugh (up only until 3/16) was worth the trip alone, and their schedule is just as strong moving forward. Convinced? You should be. The whole place is awesome.

POSTSCRIPT: Sadly, the Mark Mothersbaugh show is done. You can read a show report here. But, the exhibition schedule moving forward is equally kickin’. Check it out:

Cute Attack
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March 22, 2008

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Sunday, April 13th from

Everything/Everyday: Lomographesque
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May 2, 2008

Yokai in Your Eye
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June 14, 2008

Skot Olsen’s Frankenstein
Hundreds of individual painted panels from a soon to be released Graphics Classics Volume 15. Book will be available at the opening and Skot will be on hand for signing. Click to see cover art!
August 2, 2008