January 29, 2008

buyThis is one of those companies that is so thoroughly original that they never could have existed before the web. Every little cell of their cute and witty business DNA is thoroughly New Economy. I mean imagine: a print-on-demand company that features a smorgasbord of hip design talent from around the world. Artists whose browsable and eminently well-coordinated art portfolios are available for customers to turn into a charming array of cool and reasonably priced items from mini (business) cards, to sticker books, to greeting cards and more. And you can have the same design, or 100 DIFFERENT designs on the back of every single piece of what you order. (That means a box of business cards where every one is different. Personal Trading Cards, anyone?) And you can upload your own artwork. And they have an easy-as-pie interface to customize your order. And they send very cheeky confirmations. And the goods arrive in your mailbox in 10 business days in very sweet packaging. And—they’re in London. I shit you not. The days of the personal calling card are back, people. Get yours today.