douglas gardens
November 27, 2007

green chair

5713 Northwest 27th Avenue
Miami, FL 33142-2201
+1 305 638 1900

Open Hours: 9a-5p M-Sa, 10a-4p Su

buy icon 75 pixIf you like surprises and have an adventurous streak, this used clothing and furniture resale outfit may be for you. At nearly 6,000 sq. ft, its poorly lit no-frills warehouse vibe is not for the faint of heart, but if you have a good eye and some patience you can score some major finds. This is hands down the best place to look for used furniture in the city, and because all proceeds benefit the Jewish Home for the Aged, this is a period furniture hunter’s dream. (You know that pristine vintage sofa sat quietly in someone’s formal living room for years, probably under plastic. Manischewitz, anyone?) From 60’s love seats to french country silk brocade sofas to coffee tables right out of Miami Vice, it all comes through here sooner or later. Condition of merchandise ranges from very good to terrible and prices are negotiable, but nothing is over $200 and you can pick up larger pieces for as little as $50, and lamps and accessories for $10.

DIY tip: the best day to check it out is Tuesday, because that’s when they put out the new stuff picked up over the weekend.