rachel goodrich
April 6, 2008

rachel 2

Rachel Goodrich online

eyeImagine a smash-up of Tiny Tim, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chrissie Hynde, and my elementary school librarian, and you would have a not-very-nuanced approximation of local rocker and ukulele goddess Rachel Goodrich. I caught her show last night at the MAP/Poplife party over at the White Room, and holy cow, she rocked. I had been warned, but I was still a little worried when the DJ faded out the music on the room full of sweaty, fabulous, and liquored up party-goers. I mean, she plays kazoo, for god sake. Well, I needn’t have worried, because she came out swinging with a beautiful cherry red Rickenbacker, a kickin’ rhythm section, and lots of self-proclaimed “shake-a-billy”. Apparently, she’s getting some attention these days, and rightly so. It reminded me again that one of the things I love about this city is that it truly appreciates authentic creativity, and Rachel’s got it in spades. Check out her upcoming 4/12 show at PS 14, or catch an earful on My Space. If you’re a live music fan, you won’t be sorry. Go ukulele girl, go.


ps. Props to Yvette Labov for the fantastic photo of Rachel above.

pps. 6-15-08 Our girl’s gettin’ famous!